Silver SK280 Knitting Machine, Knitting machines

Silver SK280 Knitting Machine, Knitting machines,Punchcard knitting machines




Now anyone can knit like an expert


This standard punch card machine is designed for smooth, trouble free operation and durability. Thanks to its punch card system and other advanced features, even beginners can produce expert results with the minimum of fuss. For greater flexibility, the various options available enable you to upgrade the machine as your skills improve.


Principal Stitch Types

Fair Isle (Knit-in) - Single Motif - Punch Lace - Tuck - Slip - Weaving - Plating
20 prepunched cards come with the machine

  • Intarsia Carriage AG24

    This very practical carriage allows you to knit as many colours in one row as you like. With this you can knit pictorial or geometric designs without any float on the back

  • Lace Carriage LC2

    The lace carriage offers faster, easier knitting of transfer lace in single action just like Stockinet and is capable of producing fashionable multiple transfer lace.

  • Automatic Yarn Changer YC6

    This yarn changer can be used on both single and double bed machines by changing the head angle and allows you to automatically select any two yarns out of four.

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