Jack F4 Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine,industrial sewinG machine

Jack F4 Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine,industrial sewinG machine


JACK F 4 Direct Drive Industrial Sewing Machine.

Jack sewing machine is the new leader in sewing machine supplier including direct drive motors.

Jack sewing machine has a unique design and advanced futures to assist you with your sewing.

Jack F4 machines use direct-drive motors, meaning the machine doesn't vibrate when you sew. It runs very quietly, it is energy efficient and helps the environment.

The direct-drive motor powers the needle harder into the material, this makes for smother sewing.

Jack industrial sewing machine is recommended for tailoring, curtain makers, fashion designers, alterations shops, bridal shops, schools, colleges, home, & dry cleaners.

It only has one key to speed, needle positioning, and reset. 



  • 1 Needle Lockstitch Machine
  • Sews Medium – Heavier Weight Material
  • Energy Saving, Direct Drive Motor – Guarantees quiet and reliable operation with a low power consumption 
  • Built in LED Lighting – Button to choose the intensity level
  • Smart Panel – Controls sewing speed, needle positioning and quick factory reset
  • Maximum Speed 3500 Stitches Per Minute – Speed is adjustable on the smart panel
  • Maximum Stitch Length 5mm – Adjustable on the stitch length dial 
  • Presser Foot Lift Clearance – 5mm (by hand) or 13mm (by knee lifter)
  • Needle Code DB X 5
  • Bobbin Winder – Located on top of the machine for winding bobbins while sewing
  • Automatic Dormancy – Power saving function turns off smart panel when not in use for a certain amount of time
  • Reverse Lever – Ideal for reinforcement 

Included Accessories 

  • Standard Straight Stitch Foot (On Machine)
  • Bobbins x 4
  • Pack of Needles (DB X 1 )
  • Manual
  • Dust Cover
  • Screwdriver.
  • Customer collection only. (Pick up only)

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