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Gritzner H sewing machine

Gritzner H Hand operated sewing machine, vintage,antique sewing machine


Gritzner & Co Hand operated sewing machine.

Model ''H''

The Gritzner Company produced the model H.

The model H was a high arm transverse shuttle machine with rectangular bed. The model H was built on an iron base.


A Short History:

The Gritzner sewing machine Company.

The company was established in Karlsruhe in 1872 by Maximilian Gritzner. His original sewing machines was based on the Singer 12k. In 1881 a fire devastated the factory.

The factory was rebuilt and within a short time the firm was back in production. In 1886 the company went public with Maximillian's sons Rudolph and Julius as board members, and the newly rebuilt company continued to expand when in 1897 the company diversified in producing bicycles and then in 1903 motorcycles. The company reached a million sewing machines by 1903. 

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