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Sewing machine guide to better sewing.

A sewing machine is basically a piece of machinery that has the traditional reputation for providing long and trouble-free service.

To achieve complete satisfaction, however, it is essential that before using the machine you should fully understand the basic operating requirements involving needles, threads, tension and simple machine maintenance.



The needle should always be sharp, exchange it for a new needle to be sure.


The needle must always be straight, exchange it for a new needle to be sure.

Inserted properly

Needles should be inserted as far up as they will go against the needle stop. The flat side facing the correct direction (see machine instruction book)

Needle threading

All needles have a long groove running down to the eye. The thread should always be threaded from this side as the groove provides protection for the thread when the needle enters the material and needle plate.( Do not confuse with the short groove on the opposite side of the needle.)

Needle size

The correct size needle should allow free movement of the thread through the eye. Too small a needle will break the thread- too large a needle will make an unnecessary large hole in the material. As a general rule the heavier the fabric the larger the needle and stitch length.

Needle for stretch fabric

For sewing stretch fabrics such as knits - tricots-polyester, etc.

Use a special 'ball point' or 'golden stretch stitch needle'. These special needles penetrate man-made fabrics more easily.

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