Get To Know Your Sewing Machine

Would you like to know how to use your machine?

Unable to understand your Sewing Machine Manual?


Get To Know Your Sewing Machine

1-1 Tuition on your Sewing Machine

Location: DC Sewing Machines Birmingham B30

Session includes:-

  1. Learn how to wind your bobbin correctly

  2. Learn how to thread your Sewing Machine correctly

  3. Learn how to select the type of stitches required for your project

  4. Get to know your Sewing Machine Feet, how to fit and apply to get the best results

  5. Learn how to create a button hole

  6. Learn how to prevent your Sewing Machine from jamming or locking up

For more information or to book your 1-1 Get To Know Your Sewing Machine Session call 0121 451 1815.

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