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How To Avoid Bad Bobbin Habits

Are your bobbins filled with layers and layers of different coloured threads?

Are you hoping to go back to use the various different colours on your bobbin?

When and if you finally unravel the bobbin to get to the colour you want you are left with wasted thread.

Maybe you have the intention of using this thread for hand sewing but just never get around to it, leaving you with a pile of tangled wasted thread.

This Bobbin Organizer allows you to fill your bobbin with one colour, there are 25 places in a single box to store a range of bobbins filled with different colours. The Bobbin Organizer keeps bobbins clean and tidy.

You can easily see the colour that you need through the clear plastic, swapping and changing colours whenever you want to, saving you time and preventing a wastage of thread.

You can purchase the Bobbin Organizer here.

Happy Sewing!

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