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How to prepare yourself for sewing

Sometimes our first steps are very enthusiastic about starting a new project and then it slowly goes away along with the enjoyment and satisfaction of having successfully completing the project. Here are some points to consider when preparing yourself for sewing.

Think about what you would like to do and write it down.

#Sewing Tip

Purchase a note book just for sewing. Your Sewing book may be used for your creative ideas, project shopping lists, measurements and keeping a record of your sewing machine servicing.

Consider the skills required to make the desired project.

Do you have the skills to complete the task?

Do you need to learn new skills?

What equipment is required to complete the project?

What are the costs involved?

Do you have enough time to complete the project?

Many projects are not undertaken because we think we don’t have enough time. Have you examined the way you utilize your time?

If you have the responsibility of household chores, get them done first. When you’re sewing you want to have fun and enjoy the process. If you have urgent chores that need your attention you will not be able to concentrate on sewing and you may rush and make mistakes.

Allocate yourself some sewing time; it will help you to have regular sewing time to complete the project without it being dragged out over a longer period of time.

Do you have enough space?

Is your sewing machine in a condition, ready to be used to give you the best results for your project?

When was the last time you had your sewing machine serviced?

HSM Supplies repair and service sewing machines, for more information click here.

When you have chosen your fabric., use your fabric to match thread and zips etc. Practice sewing on a scrap piece of to make sure the stitching is the way you would like it to be.

Using good quality thread is a must, for the best results for your sewing. We recommend using high quality thread such as Gutermann Sew All. Inferior thread may cause your seams to pucker when steamed with an iron.

You will also need to check that the tension and needle size are correct for the fabric you are using. Use the HSM Supplies Needle Size Guide.

Does your appearance matter?

Wear comfortable presentable clothing, do your hair and make-up (if this is what you usually do). You never know you may have visitors or family members may return home. Your appearance is also important because if you are making clothes for yourself, you may be trying clothes on in front of the mirror. If you look at your best, the clothes that you make will too.

Pay special attention to your hands, make sure they are clean and nails filed smoothly to avoid pulling strands of the fabric and ruining your work.

It is best to have everything you need close to hand before you start sewing. This will help to reduce distractions.

I hope this blog post has helped you to think about how to prepare yourself for sewing. What do you do to prepare yourself for sewing? Please leave your comments below.

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