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The Best Needle Threader For All Sewing Machines and Overlockers

Why is Easy Threader the best needle threader?

Easy Threader is the best needle threader for all sewing machines and overlockers because you don't need to see the eye of the needle (hole) to thread the needle. The Easy Threader is a great sewing aid if you find threading the sewing machine needle difficult. You can purchase your Easy Threader here.

Transcription of the Easy Threader Video

I would like to show you the Easy Threader. This is what it looks like. You have a point which is split four ways and there are two arrows either side. Now, we are going to thread this machine. What you will need to do, is hold with finger and thumb on each arrow. Like that, then you go directly to the thread. I have already threaded up this machine. You pick up the thread, vertically and then twist it horizontally. Go towards the needle, slide the threader very slowly down the needle. When the threader gets to the eye of the needle, you will feel that. Then you give it just a little push and then remove the threader, slowly.

You will see a loop that's been formed through the eye of the needle. You don't want to pull this end, you need to pull the loop and then your machine has been threaded. I'm just trying to grab hold of this loop. The machine has been threaded and ready for use. This is what I call the Easy Threader.

Happy sewing!

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