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All About Zips

Zips are a way of fastening two pieces of material together.

Nylon zips, most commonly used in dresses, skirts and trousers. These zips can also be used for cushions.

Zips 16'

Metal zips, the teeth are made from metal and they are hard wearing. Metal zips are mainly used for jeans and heavy work wear.

Jeans zip.jpg

Open ended zips; fasten at the bottom with a retainer box and insertion pin. Open ended zips usually have reinforcement film at the bottom to help the zip to function for longer. Open ended zips are mainly used for jackets.

Open end zip.jpg

Concealed/Invisible zips, the teeth are hidden behind tape which matches the colour of the fabric used in dresses and skirts.

Invisible zip.jpg

Most zips are available in a range of sizes and colours. The measurement of a zip is from the top teeth to the bottom stop.

Happy sewing!

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