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Are you using the right needle with your sewing machine?

Using the right needle according to the type of fabric you're using can help you to get better results with your sewing machine.

4 problems caused by using the wrong needle

  1. Break the needle

  2. Skip stitches

  3. Bad tension

  4. Puckering of the fabric

Sewing with a blunt needle = Noisy sewing (The needle makes a noise as it hits the fabric.)

Sewing with a bent needle can damage your machine.

Tip: Its cheaper to buy new needles than to pay to repair your sewing machine

Below is a list of fabrics and the recommended needle size for the best results when using your sewing machine.

Type of Fabric System & Point Size (mm)

Delicate fabrics: fine linen, batiste, chiffon and organdy 130/705H/15x1 70

130/705H-PS 75

Sheer fabrics: silk, and fine synthetics 130/705H 70/80

130/705H-PS 75

Fine cottons: shirting and non-iron fabrics 130/705H 70/80

Lightweight knitted fabrics: jersey, helanca and interlock 130/705H 70/80/90

130/705H-PS 75

Heavy woolens: coating and suiting 130/705H 80/90

Heavy cottons: denim, jeans fabrics and sailcloth 130/705H-J 90

Knitted fabrics 130/705H-SUK 80

130/705H-PS 90

Leathers: suede, calf and kid leather 130/705H-LR 80/90

Imitation leathers, plastic materials and waxed cloth 130/705H-PCL 80

Lycra and other corsetry materials 130/705H-SKF 80/90

*Remember to come back and check that you're using the correct needle for your sewing machine before starting your next sewing project.

Happy sewing!

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