Silver SK830 Knitting Machine, Knitting machines

Silver SK830 Knitting Machine, Knitting machines,Electronic knitting machines


SK830 Fine Gauge


Fine Gauge needle bed for fine, summer weight fashion.


The SK830 is the finest machine you will own. This fine gauge machine gives you a light weight fabric for summer or creates light weight wool suits for the sharpest look in the office. All year round this machine will make you the envy of the crowd with your new wardrobe designed and modelled by you.




  • Needle pitch
    3.6mm(7 gauge)
  • No. of needles
  • Net Weight (kg)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)
    1110 x 205 x 98mm
  • Stitch types
    Stockinet, Fair Isle, Tuck, Slip, Punch Lace, Weaving, Plating, Motifs

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