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Silver SK155 Chunky Knitting Machine, Knitting machines

Silver SK155 Chunky Knitting Machine,Punchcard knitting machines


The Silver Reed SK155 is made to knit thicker yarns, anything from DK up to the most chunky of wool's. It opens out the options to use many of the exquisite hand knitting yarns that are available at the moment, the only thing to remember is that if you using hand knitting yarns, they will need to be wound on to a cone before use...the reason is simple… the SK155 will knit very-very quickly!

With the added benefit of having the punchcard system, now the user has many automatic stitch can even punch your own custom pattern cards, insert them into the punchcard reader and hey-presto your very own fair Isle jumper designs.

Using DK for example, the SK155 chunky knitter can knit Tuck Stitch, Slip Stitch and Lace using punch card patterns.

The bed has 110 needles each set at 9mm apart. Using super extra thick yarns, it is possible to use every other needle to create individual fashioned garments, cushion covers or throws.

It is very well designed and packs away in a metal case, taking up very little space. The overall length is 112 cm or 44"

Once unpacked from the neat cover, there's not really a lot of setting up before knitting can start. As with all knitting machines, one would need to use table clamps, which are included, to position the machine on a suitable table. Then erect the yarn post and top tension arms, unpack your accessories which are stored in a large plastic container...each accessory has it’s individual place and off you go.


Accessories included:

Storage box.
2 x Clamps 
2 x Edge weights
4 x Bed width weights.
Row counter.
Needle pusher.
3 x transfer tools 1x2, 2x3, 1x3.
 Latch tool.
 2 x Spare needles.
Knitting gauge scale rule.
Ravel cord.
Two way yarn mast.
Top tension assembly for mast,
Cleaning brush.
Crochet hook.
Tuck brushes.
Tapestry needle.
Punch card set.
Punch card snaps.
Instruction book

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