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How to Choose the Right Sewing Machine for Your Needs


Buying a sewing machine is an investment because it saves you time and money. By purchasing your own sewing machine you can repair your own clothes much quicker than sewing by hand or paying someone else to do it for you. You can recycle old clothes and add a special unique touch to a basic item by personalizing, adding embroidery or trimmings. Create new clothes, home décor, items for your pets and toys. You could even start your own business based on your craft.

How do you plan to use your new sewing machine?

Do you need the sewing machine to have a specific function?


1 step button hole

Free arm



Manage heavy fabrics

Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced?

Do you have a sewing room or will you need to put the sewing machine away after each use?

Do you have difficulties lifting and carrying heavy objects?

(You may need a lighter sewing machine)

Hopefully I have helped you to think about your own individual needs for sewing. Everyone is different and it’s important to buy a sewing machine that best suits you. Don’t be tempted to buy cheap sewing machines that will break down quickly. Take time out to find a good quality sewing machine that meets your sewing needs.

Happy Sewing!

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